★★★★★ 5 stars EDITORIAL REVIEW

"This book is not only a delightful read but also serves as an introduction to themes of perseverance and social consciousness for young readers." 

Literary Titan

"In Claw School, Angeli R. Fitch ventures into the realm of children's literature with a captivating tale. The story revolves around Ruby, a determined black cat with a lifelong ambition to become a licensed attorney. As Ruby embarks on her journey at Claw School, she confronts unexpected challenges, notably from her peers who underestimate her abilities due to her intelligence.
The narrative takes an intriguing turn when a prominent attorney visits the school in search of an outstanding student. Ruby, with her unwavering passion, stands out and is chosen to participate in a significant legal case. The plot thickens as Ruby faces the ultimate test of her skills in solving the case. Ruby's character is crafted with a blend of likability, inspiration, and resilience. Despite her visual impairment, which limits her vision to one eye, Ruby's focus remains steadfast on her goals and dreams. This aspect of Ruby's character mirrors the author's own commitment to social justice, adding depth to the storyline. The book is visually appealing, with bright, thoughtfully composed illustrations that complement the narrative. An added educational component is the inclusion of a glossary at the end of the book. This glossary decodes 'catified' legal terms, enhancing the reader's understanding and engagement with the story.
Claw School strikes a balance between simplicity and substance. The writing is concise and accessible, with definitions provided for more complex terms. The illustrations are full-panel and captivating, enriching the reading experience. Moreover, the book encapsulates a powerful message of empowerment and social awareness, making it a commendable addition to children's literature. This book is not only a delightful read but also serves as an introduction to themes of perseverance and social consciousness for young readers."


Claw School follows a determined black cat who has a lifelong ambition to become a licensed attorney. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I have always wanted to represent innocent people who were charged or convicted of a crime they did not commit. These people should never be forgotten and as an attorney, it’s the most important work that I have done. Ruby’s lifelong ambition is to become an attorney who fights for the same thing except on behalf of other animals.

Ruby is a cat with a visual impairment, but she does not let this stop her from pursuing her dreams. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development, and why are they important to highlight in your children’s book?

Developing Empathy: Understanding Ruby’s challenges and triumphs helps children to empathize with others who are different from them. Empathy is a foundational social skill that contributes to kind and inclusive communities.

Building Resilience: Children face their own set of challenges as they grow. Seeing Ruby overcome obstacles despite her impairment teaches them that they too can confront and surmount their problems, fostering resilience.

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

Inspiring Creativity and Problem-Solving: Ruby’s adaptability in finding unique ways to navigate her world can inspire children to think creatively and not be daunted by problems but rather see them as opportunities to find innovative solutions.

Teaching Perseverance: Stories of characters who persistently pursue their dreams despite difficulties teach children the value of perseverance, a quality that is crucial for long-term success in any endeavor.

Cultivating Self-Belief: Ruby’s confidence can be contagious, encouraging children to believe in themselves, even if they feel different or face setbacks, which is critical for developing self-esteem and a positive self-image.

Is this the first book in the series? If so, when is the next book coming out, and what can your fans expect in the next story?

This is actually the second book in the My Furry Soulmates series. Poo Poo Bully introduced Ruby’s character and you meet her best friends Katori, Stinky and Poopsy. The next book is called Poo and Order in which Ruby represents Katori who is innocent and charged with a crime he did not commit!

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