My mom's loving companions

My mom's loving companions

My mom's loving companions

My mom has advanced vascular dementia.  There are still many things that bring joy and a smile to her face.  But none works like magic than the power of an animal.  Her favorite?  Cats!  

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Robotic dogs and cats are designed to look, feel, and touch like real-life house pets. They exhibit dog and cat-like features, such as meowing when spoken to.  They can also respond to human touch and interaction. However luckily, they do not have the demands or responsibilities of a real-life cat or dog so Mom doesn't have to worry about that. 

The cutie pie in the photo (Sole) puts a smile on Mom's face every day.  He is her constant companion during breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.  We even watch TV together with Sole.  So happy to have this furry soulmate!


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