Is Pet Therapy Ethical?

Is Pet Therapy Ethical?

Is Pet Therapy Ethical?

Pet therapy is cheaper than medication and doctor's visits.  More importantly, it is more effective.  And guess what?  Your pet doesn't even have to be a living being.  I have seen first hand what a "fake" pet can do with dementia patients.  Fake or real - pets have a HUGE positive impact for those suffering from a physical or mental illness.  

But here's an interesting perspective.  Last night I had a lively discussion with a friend who thought that forcing your pet to provide you therapy is unethical.  Huh?  What's the harm I said?  His argument was that a pet should not have the burden of responsibility to take care of a human being.

What do you think? I would really like to know.  Do you think that pet therapy is unethical?

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