Is Grain Free Food A Myth?

Is Grain Free Food A Myth?

Is Grain Free Food A Myth?

According to "Pet Business", the most prominent trend in food is the rise of grain free pet food.  But this is very controversial.  On the pro side, the argument is that grains like corn and wheat are bad for dogs and cats.  However, the vets say this is a myth because the manufactures of the "grain free" food just want to sell much higher priced kibble to the public and make a huge profit.

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      Below is what a vet says regarding grain free food for dogs. Where do you          stand in the debate?  A good starting point is to ask your vet. What do they          think?  Then do your research.  Your furry soulmates depend on you.

“Grains, like corns, however, have Omega 6 Fatty Acids which is good for skin and coat, it has fiber for digestive health and it has anti-oxidents to help with vision. I’m not saying you should feed your dog a bowl full of corn. What I am saying is that grains are not bad for most dogs, and getting a complete and balanced diet, is what really counts.” — Dr. Andy Roark

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