Are You A Pet Influencer?

Are You A Pet Influencer?

Are You A Pet Influencer?

A pet influencer is a pet who has a significant following on social media.  Of course the pet parent is the one in charge of all of that.  Our pet influencer diva promotes products, services, and brands to their audiences.  Interesting that most influencers are dogs!  I can't get my cats to stand still for any kind of photo these days.

pet influencer dogs cats money furry soulmates

Have you heard of the famous pomeranian Jiff Pom? @JiffPom.  He has millions of Instagram followers.  Famous cutie pie Nala @nala_cat isn't doing too bad herself.  Humans love their furry soulmates and the pet industry is not slowing down any time soon.

nala the cat pet influencer furry soulmates


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