Why cats need attention

Why cats need attention

Why cats need attention

Cats have a bad rep of being aloof.  But did you know that they really crave attention?  Recent research show that cats are very attached to their owners/parents.  In fact, they exhibit similar behavior to dogs when their parents are not home.  Since each cat is unique and different, they will show their need for attention in different ways.

cats attention affection furry soulmates pet parents

My cat DeeDee for example (the one to the left) will meow her head off until I pick her up.  She's a lap cat for sure.  Her sister, however wants minimum attention.  Rosey only likes the occasional petting at bedtime. She shows her affection by licking my fingers, which DeeDee never does.

cats furry soulmates Dandelion Rosey Fitch

How do your cats show you they need your attention?  I would love to know!


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