This Movie Is Soul Crushing!

This Movie Is Soul Crushing!

This Movie Is Soul Crushing!

A friend recently recommended the movie "Hachi - A Dog's Tale".  She said it was a sweet movie.  So I grabbed myself a snack and snuggled on the couch with my favorite blanket.  I was in the mood to watch a sweet movie about a dog.  Besides, the handsome Richard Gere was in it.  What could go wrong?

dog grieving furry soulmate

Nothing could prepare me for the most emotional, heart wrenching, heart breaking, and soul crushing movie I have ever seen!  The story is about a dog (Hachi) who faithfully and lovingly greets his owner every day at the train station at 5pm when the owner gets off work.  So adorable and sweet.  Hachi licks Gere's face, wags his tail and they happily walk home together.

HOWEVER what happens when the owner unexpectedly dies at work after a fatal stroke and does not come home on the train that day?  The dog continues to wait EVERY SINGLE DAY for nine years!!!  We see Hachi waiting in the same spot, day after day for his human companion who will never come.  I was sobbing throughout the movie at this point.  It was unbearable to witness Hachi's journey of grief yet commitment to never give up hope that his master might show up some day.  The only thing that stopped the nine year journey was Hachi's own death.  An old, sad but hopeful Hachi died in the spot where he waited for his beloved owner all those years.  We can only hope (as the movie montage suggests) that Hachi was finally reunited with his owner in doggie heaven.

Let me know if you have seen this movie.  Am I being too dramatic about this?  What do you think?  I would love to know.

dogs grief furry soulmates depression sadness

dogs grief depression sadness sweet furry soulmates




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