My fascination with cats

My fascination with cats

My fascination with cats

I was a dog person until I was 30.  As I kid, I was around mostly dogs (dobermans) and I remember we had two Persian cats - Gigi and Bojo.  But I was very allergic to them and really never bonded with them.  That all changed when my first furry soulmate - Security Blanket - came into my life.

Since then, I fell in love with ALL cats.  They are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen.  I can sit and stare at them all day long.  I am fascinated with the way they move their bodies and stare at you with a kind of aloof attitude.  Until they get hungry.  Yes I would say I am a cat person all the way.  But I do love all the other furry soulmates too.

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