Law in California regarding CBD and pets

Law in California regarding CBD and pets

Law in California regarding CBD and pets

Assembly Bill 1885 allows vets to “recommend” medical cannabis products for their furry patients. Before September 2022, vets avoided talking about CBD for fear of losing their license. 

“It’s a huge shift,” said Pet Cannabis Coalition President Tim Shu, a Los Angeles-based DVM and founder/CEO of Vet CBD. “This is the first bill of its kind in the world. My goal is for other states and countries to see this as a framework.”

The bill was sponsored by San Jose, CA, Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D) and had the backing of the state’s veterinary Veterinary Medical Board.  It also unanimously passed both houses of the California legislature. “That was just incredible,” Dr. Shu said.

“We want owners to have guidance,” said Dr. Shu. “Traditionally, vets have said, ‘Sorry, I can’t talk to you about that.’ This bill closes that gap. Go to a vet and get that recommendation.”

The Veterinary Medical Board stated in support, “By allowing veterinarians to recommend animal cannabis products for potential therapeutic purposes, AB 1885 provides a safer environment for pet owners to make well-informed decisions for their pets.”

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