How cats became domesticated

How cats became domesticated

How cats became domesticated

The domestication of cats is believed to have occurred around 10,000 years ago in the Middle East, specifically in the Fertile Crescent, which encompasses parts of present-day Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

It is thought that the relationship between cats and humans began when early farmers started storing grain. This attracted rodents, which in turn attracted wildcats who hunted the rodents. Over time, the wildcats began to tolerate the presence of humans and even became more dependent on humans for food.

As the bond between cats and humans grew, humans began to selectively breed cats for specific traits, such as friendliness and tameness. This resulted in the development of different breeds of domesticated cats.

Today, domesticated cats are popular pets around the world and have been bred for various purposes, including companionship, pest control, and show.

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